Ariccia and its Lakes: Nature, Culture and Cooking

A special weekend for groups of friends along the traces of the Grand Tour. 

A special weekend for groups of friends along the traces of the Grand Tour. Between the second half of the ‘700 to the first years of the ‘900, the area around Albano-Ariccia-Lago di Nemi was considered a halting place for all artists, painters, musicians, travelling through Italy (from Charles-Louis Montesquieu to Wolfgang Goethe, form Cornelia Knight to Henry James, from Claude Lorrain to Claude Joseph Vernet, from Thomas Jones to William Turner).

Through images and texts in the original languages, our guests will relive sensations, admire views, and revive the experiences of those tourists of the past, but not only… In addition to guided tours to the most significant places of the area, the program includes two Italian cooking lessons held by Flavia Pantaleo, internationally famous chef, and two evening talks, given by art historians and experts, in the language chosen by the group (Italian, English, French, German, Russian, Portugese, Italian Sign Language, American Sign Language). These lectures will help to prepare our guests for the visits to be held the following day.


Within the programme, the tours will be personalized according to the wishes of the group on the basis of the following topics:

Vegetation, gardens, scenery

The proposal is reserved for already formed groups.
The costs may vary depending on the duration,
the program and the number of participants and will include overnight
stays in double rooms with bathroom, breakfasts, lunches and dinners, guided tours, entrance tickets.

Depending on the language chosen by the group of visitors,
more people will be involved in welcoming and leading the group.

For further information, contacts, bookings write to:

The e-book The Grand Tour in the Alban Hills is available in  italian  or in english
(if you have problems to view the ebook you can read this guide)
It is also available in PDF format: italian or english

The project was created with the collaboration of :

Palazzo Chigi and the Association Castelli Romani Green Tour

According to the language chosen by the group, many of the people mentioned above will be involved in welcoming the participants and leading the groups.