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Villino Volterra is located in the Castelli Romani area, 24 kilometers from the center of Rome, at one end of the monumental bridge that connects Albano Laziale to the square of Ariccia. Built in the early 1900s it maintains the charm of those times.


The buildings and gardens were designed and built between 1904 and 1907 by the architect Architetto Giulio Magni for the renowned mathematician Vito Volterra.

The garden

The estate is nestled in the beautiful setting of a luscious garden, filled with ancient trees. It is wonderfully harmonious, lively and full of surprises.

The ‘Giardino Villino Volterra’ app

For a virtual tour of the garden you can access the ‘Giardino Villino Volterra’ app, available for iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

The villa

built in the early 1900s it still has the charm of that period

The garden

The estate is nestled in the beautiful setting of a luscious garden, filled with ancient trees.

Villino Volterra hall


The main house has three floors connected by a large staircase with an elevator up to the characteristic tower.

Villino Volterra hall

The Greenhouse

A bright space within the garden available for different types of activities or meetings.


An enchanted garden

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Una visita al villino Volterra è una esperienza unica perché permette di entrare nel contesto vivo e attuale di una casa accogliente e armoniosa e di un giardino pieno di reminiscenze e di umori, un vero e proprio orto botanico-archeologico in cui si avverte la presenza e la dedizione di una importante famiglia di intellettuali e soprattutto di Vito che la volle e la amò.

Cesare Cornoldi
28 12 2015

What a wonderful place this is!
So perfect for our (semi-)mathematical purposes, and so utterly delightful and charming.
I was so happy to have the opportunity of meeting you, and can’t tell you how much I appreciated and enjoyed your lively and educational description of the history of the family and the property. You clearly appreciate the good fortune you have had to be born into such an exceptional family.

Philip Dawid
25 10 12

Anche questa volta l’Ariccia ha fatto il suo effetto: un posto in cui trovare l’equilibrio da cui partire o a cui arrivare dopo un viaggio.
Sarà perché nelle stanze grandi, comode e con una vista che parla al mio cuore mi sento immediatamente accolta; sarà perché il misto di storia e di antiche abitudini non mi condiziona, comodo e aperto com’è a quello che voglio fare al momento; sarà perché il suo essere un luogo preparato per eventi non ancora specificati mi fa pensare a cose che accadranno …

Sandra Colombo Finzi
16 09 2013

Nothing can be more delightful than being welcomed by Virginia in her beautiful “Villino”. The minute we arrived from Paris, we fell under the charm of this enchanting villa. Our two grown-up children and us spent an unforgettable holiday. We loved the house, its magnificent garden, the large rooms so nicely decorated with elegance and simplicity with their gorgeous bathrooms, the beautiful multilingual library ….

01 08 2013



Il Villino Volterra in Ariccia

The Villino Volterra in Ariccia

Everything you need to know

This volume traces the history of “Villino Volterra” over more than a century. Its construction, commissioned by the mathematician Vito Volterra and Virginia Almagià, began in 1904 under the direction of the architect Giulio Magni, and its present restoration.

The legacy of Vito Volterra

A video about this renowned mathematician.

A documentary of the life of Volterra, who was also a key figure in Italian culture and politics, and the founder of important scientific organizations, such as the Italian National Research Council (CNR), the Italian Physics Society and
the International Council for Research.