Ground floor


On the ground floor there are service rooms, including a large professional kitchen, where culinary courses were also held, and a room with direct exit to the garden portico decorated with roman inscriptions and artifacts, called “Museum”, often used for exhibitions, workshops and other activities.
Just outside, an important sarcophagus has recently been restored, thanks also to the funding for restoration and maintenance work for the network of historic houses of the Lazio Region (funds for the Regional Law n . 8/2016). For more details, see the brochure with the articles already published on the find and a short report on the restoration carried out.

First floor


On the first floor three connected halls are very much for events such as concerts, conferences, and social meetings. On the same floor a bedroom with bathroom and a small room with a collection of books related to the Grand Tour in the Alban Hills.

Second floor

On the second floor, in addition to the Literary Library and a living room with kitchen area, there are three bedrooms with bathroom.
From this floor through a spiral staircase you enter the upper floor, with two rooms and a bathroom. Another flight of stairs take you up to the tower, which offers an extraordinary 360-degree view and an amazing close-up view of the statue of the statue of the “Lady of the Winds”, made by the sculptor Giuseppe Magni immediately after the construction of the Villino.